Couldn’t figure out my purpose till the sky changed scenes

This past weekend was an extraordinary long weekend because normally I wouldn't go out three nights in a row because I physically cannot handle the pain in my feet (hence the enormous amounts of blisters on my poor feet). Even though I wasn't too enthusiastic about going out the entire weekend, I saw numerous costumes that caught my attention at first glance. I noticed that there was a fair amount of people who dressed up as Lady Gaga and Avatar this year - not quite sure how I feel about the Avatar costume just yet. On Thursday I attempted to dress up as a S.W.A.T member with the other girls in CASS for a Halloween event. Friday and Saturday night, I was suited up as Wonderwoman (my initial costume plan).

One of my girlfriends came up to Hamilton for Saturday for a night out and just for the sake of finally visiting this sketchy town. Her presence reminded me much of home and how much I miss it right now (I haven't been home in almost a month). Hamilton is definitely not the nicest city but if you search, you can really see what it has to offer (that was just... slightly cheesy, oops *blushes). After a night of being Wonder woman and my girlfriend dressed up as a nerd, we went for an anticipated tour around my university's campus. She also accompanied me while I was in desperate need of grocery shopping. I still don't quite understand why she insisted on buying a batch of Bananas to luggage back to Toronto haha <3. Regardless of that, I'm glad she came for a visit and I'm extremely excited to go home next weekend to see my family and feast on some good food (Korean, Japanese, and some delicious dessert to satisfy my cravings? I think so). Overall, I had a relaxing weekend but there is much guilt inside of me for only being productive for less than five hours this entire weekend. Oh well, this weekend was a much deserved break from the last three weeks that consisted of overwhelming work from school. Heard it was  pouring with snow already back home... not sure how I feel about that because the coldness surely does not compensate for how pretty the snow looks

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