Pure détente

Photo Diary

Acres and acres of green... as far as the eye could see
Decided to capture the essence of nature after a heavy rainfall

Beautiful 982 year old ship (I kid). Just an ancient looking one.

Hello Tart Deco toesies! In my super comfortableWilfred harem pants, random sandals from LA and MK side purse saying good bye to the beautiful island of Nantucket.

Thanks for the lifetime full of memories (falling on a motorcycle and even almost crashing into a parked car - please do not *insert your typical asian stereotype here* I promise I'm far from that behind the wheels, having a random British oldie help us - yet he was clearly clueless, eating fantastically fresh sushi in a restaurant where I could not even move an inch - seize the size ladies and gents! Exploring the grand lighthouse, strolling around cottage houses, almost falling into the waves at Sconset Beach, climbing a enormous lifeguarding chair and struggling to get back down that I almost fell 180 on my backside... did I mention it was really hard to get back down? Late night girl talks, amazingly refreshing wine sippin', the sharply dressed whities who looked like they manage their self-presentation, seriously. Almost too serious to take a second look at us - damn you snobby men! Collecting rocks by the cottage to bring back home, and etc.. etc)

Nantucket: wonderful cottage-feeling scenery where we shared endless laughs with beautiful people (shamelessly blaming the countless glasses of wine we had)! And thus, we were en route via ferry then via Coach bus back to the big apple. We were extremely excited to get back to the city! To end off our trip, we spent the next few days scourging around parts of the city and made a day trip to Woodbury (where we practically drilled holes into our wallets - shame) to purchase gifts for the loved ones and of course we gotta spoil our selves a little bit!

Life's simple pleasures

Red Velvet Cupcakes:

After making a couple of dreadful trips to buy ingredients (of course one would be caused solely by my forgetfulness), I couldn't be happier with the final turnout of my Red Velvet cupcakes. I had been craving cupcakes for some time now but where I live there are barely any shops or cafes dedicated to the delicacy of cupcakes. So there I was on the most rainy Wednesday summer afternoon in Toronto, about to make a second go at making Red Velvets. With the thunder rumbling and mother nature's free lighting show, who could pass a perfect opportunity to waste the day staying indoors keeping dry?

Special thanks to Joy, your recipe made me believe in the possibility of making Red Velvet cupcakes again. For the recipe, click here: http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2009/09/my-favorite-red-velvet-cupcakes/


Heart at sea

Photo Diary

Memento Vivere

Photo Diary

Spinning out in the velvet dark

Photo diary: St. Marks

Typically not a huge fan of eating Thai food, but we decided to check this restaurant out and the curry's had a perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness. I thought the rice was structured in an interesting way.

After a spending a day in the city exploring and having a delicious dinner, we ended off our night with froyo and strolling around the busy city.