Blue Mountain

Sunday night I sleptover VH's house and then we woke up bright and early the next day to pick up some things so that we were prepared for our boarding time! We headed to Blue Mountain with a big group of other people and I'd have to say, it was a very long trip but well worth ride. I was really nervous about getting back on the board again because the first time boarding for me was only just last year. Let me tell you, I sucked. I fell so many times last year but I guess it's just because I was learning. So I was super scared this year! But when I got onto the slope I was pretty amazed because I remembered how to snowboard! Despite the falls, feeling cold and tired, driving through the dangerous snow storm, I had a fun day! I hope everyone else did too :)

Here are some pictures:


Winter brings a different kind of warmth

Boxing day was crazy this year! Now I remember why I didn't want to go last year. I went to Yorkdale yesterday with my mom and my sister and just trying to get off the highway took about 10 years! Haha, well not literally but it took a very long time but thankfully we scored a parking spot right when we turned into the lot. Also went to play some COD last night and baked a pretty good looking cake with a friend. A chocolate heart shaped cake with white frosting and we mixed the food colouring to make different coloured frosting to decorate the cake. It was just a fun festive cake which was quite delicious I have to say. Anyways, I'm very excited for the next few days! :) Baking and catching up with the girls tonight! And then I will be heading to Blue Mountain tomorrow morning for my very first time to snowboard for my second time! Hopefully I'm better this time around and don't come back to Toronto with a body full of bruises because I still need to go skating on Tuesday! I love winter activties and gathering with everybody :) Sadly, it's just 7 more days until I go back to Hamilton for school... The break is half over and I still have so much to do and so many people to see. I wish there was more time in the world, boo.


"Out of sight, out of mind"

To me that statement is full of false hope only because once in sight, it's undeniably in your mind.


The beauty of the holidays

Merry Christmas everyone! It's so nice to be home and surrounded by family and friends. Had a reunion party with most of my highschool friends and I'd have to say it was a pretty fun night. I can't say how good it felt to see everyone after such a long time. So happy! :) Anyways, yesterday was Christmas Eve and I spent some time with one of my very good friends and catching up was so fun! I love how the holidays brings everyone together :)

Most of the girls of the night

Cheers to good times!


Just around corner

Current Song (8) Dashboard Confessionals - My Beautiful Rescue

And.. it's a fresh start! It's time to finally switch over to a new blogging site which means no more Xanga. So here we go, since I'm finally on my winter break, this gives me time to blog. My life has been extremely busy and everything has been happening ridiculously fast. In the blink of an eye really. From school, to graduation, past relationships, and realizing that the future is what holds the most. With all honesty, I'm still just trying to let everything slowly sink in me because it's extremely overwhelming. The first half of my first year in university has just ended but it was definitely an unforgettable sweet semester. I'm so glad I met all of these wonderful people who have become like my family haha <3