There is a light that never goes out

Talula fedora, Talula acid wash tights, cropped top, jewelry from F21, thrifted cross body,  Talula purple tank, AA lace-bra, Zara belt, Talula floral skirt

The first week of school flew by extremely quick considering we had no access to internet yet. For the most part, the girls and I just strolled around Hamilton and hung out at home. I'm actually glad that class started already because it's keeping me busy. I get bored easily haha.


Before the summer turns into dusk

It's the last week before summer comes to an end and I move back to Hamilton for school. It's bittersweet knowing that summer is basically over but I'm very excited to see my housemates and meet my new housemates. The last week has been pretty sweet for me. I finally got my DSLR. I'm so excited for it! After getting my memory card for it, I've been playing around with it for countless of hours. Heck, last night I even brought it to one of my girlfriend's house and took pictures of absolutely everything (In short, last night consisted of: Sangria's, Corona's, Cards, and Chubby Bunny). I'm still in the process of learning each function and I'm having so much fun with it it's ridiculous. On the same day, I actually purchased my Macbook Pro too. My Sony Vaio's battery life just wasn't holding up and after almost two years it was time to pass it down to my younger siblings.

P.S Last photograph is one of my crystallized Swarovski pendants in Aurora Borealis.

Half of my heart

Last week was my official my last week of work this summer and I got the best news ever.  I was so happy because everything was going the right way and maybe even slightly better. I have two new housemates so I won't have to continue to worry about my rent  for my house in Hamilton anymore. I also got my final pay cheque of the summer (bittersweet.. haha). And the company I applied through for a position internationally for next summer contacted me again to provide them with references and they'll come to Toronto to interview me :) Aside from that... I finally have summer 100% back. It’s time to do what I’ve been wanting to do before it’s too late… bring on the adventures haha. Time to cross of those things on my to-do list.

Went for dinner with two girlfriends last week at a bar/pub/grill restaurant on Main Street in Unionville. It was pouring here and there and we were afraid to have a patio dinner so we found this pub with seats in the porch area. I forget what my dish was called, but it was just salmon slices with slices of bread and salad. The girlfriends had a butter chicken dish with pitas and a smoked salmon sandwich with a "Peach-Kiss" margarita that apparently sounded alluring but the actual taste itself was not pleasing.