Street Art

Finally got the chance to go to some alley ways downtown and take some pictures. It was definitely fun, but when people wanted to drive through the alleyway with their cars, it started to get frustrating haha. Hoping to go back downtown when I have time away from school to make use of my DSLR.

Set you free

Took a stroll around Kensington Market Saturday with Veronica. For me this was revisiting one of the areas I grew up in during my childhood when I used to lived downtown Toronto. The marketplace hasn't changed at all as the richness in culture and vast amount of people were about the same. Luckily for me, I still recognized the area inside out so this prevented us from getting lost. We visited a couple thrift stores and found tons of interesting clothing attires and accessories. As we walked around, we stumbled into a place called the Blue Banana Market. The BBM was such a fabulous place that allowed us to spend hours just looking at the interesting things. It was quite the experience as it was also their third birthday so the marketplace was packed. Soon enough we figured we should get on with our day so we left to continue shopping along Queen. It was a nice day to finally catch up and be away from school. I'm dreading to go back to Hamilton tonight for a fresh week of school as final exams are creeping up.



A friend showed me these photographs from Toxel. The patterned paper cut false eyelashes immediately caught my attention at first glance. I was fascinated by these, at least more fascinated than those utterly disgusting "fly false eyelashes" that I am sure most people have seen around the internet. These series of unique false eyelashes are inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting. All of the lovely designs are by the designer Ting Yu Wang. Loving the lighting and the softness in these photographs.

"Beautiful paper eyelashes are infused with symbolic meanings of love, success and happiness"

Source: Toxel


Causal Profanity Fluid Dress

Fluid Dress from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.


Normally I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift but a couple songs off her new album are pretty good.

I think the shopaholic in me has finally given my inner-self a little message. I can't believe I woke up from a dream of having two brand new beautiful Marc Jacobs jackets. Maybe it's just a reminder of how I should save up and purchase those MJ purses I always find myself gazing at in Aritzia. After running errands I rushed back home to find out where I placed my brand new Marc Jacobs wallet I purchased from Melrose in Los Angeles this past summer and thought I would share some photos. V and I have matching ones :) It's a plain black leather wallet with embossed lettering on the hot pink interior. Also, I went on a shopping trip with my sister yesterday and bought some new pieces to add to my wardrobe from Zara. My heart died a little when I saw what I wanted at the MK store yesterday. I've been eyeing on the Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted collection for quite a while now and I'm dying to the get the cross-body, wallet and coin purse. I saw it in the store yesterday and the quilted leather was stunning. Links below:

 Michael Kors - Hamilton Quilted Continental Wallet in Black
 Michael Kors - Hamilted Quilted Crossbody Bag in Gunmetal

 Michael Kors - Hamilted Quilted Coin Purse in Red

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer Collection 11'



Savage Beauty

Wowww. Wish I could check this out. Alexander McQueen is getting a tribute from the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty".

Click for more: http://blogs.forbes.com/hannahelliott/2010/11/10/alexander-mcqueen-tribute-slated-for-met-spring-exhibit/


Lagoi and Lace

Love Land Invaders

Something interesting about these photographs that caught my attention at first glance. Thought I'd share it.