With every little thing

Finally back in Markham after such a long month in Hamilton. Parents came to pick me up and little did I know I was being kidnapped to Niagara Falls to accompany their mini shopping trip. They arrived to pick me up a little late so I had to cure my boredom by snapping shots of "Domokun" in my room with my DSLR. So lame haha.

Aside from that, it feels really good to be back home especially after an entire month. This weekend I'm hoping to accomplish three major tasks due next week (study for my midterm exam, finish my paper, and prepare for my presentation.) This immediate cals for a Starbucks study session.

After being cooped up in Hamilton for a month, I feel the need to do something out of the ordinary. In this case, it would probably just call for having a nice dinner and relaxing with good company. Doing anything other than that would probably exhaust me even more. Cold November days like these lure me into spending my days with warm cups of tea and cuddling between my blankets and not to mention finding every little excuse just to be able to be indoors. Nonetheless, I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping that if I have time this weekend or the next time I'm back in town, I'd love give a couple of restaurants a try that I've heard good things about (mainly Japanese and Italian restaurants). Although I'm dying to go back to GUU for their "Ultra Creamy Almond Tofu" dessert, I doubt that there would be enough time since the line-up is insane before you actually get seated (hopefully I can go back after final exams).

Side note: For the past couple of months, I've been wanting to purchase a digital camera for myself so that it's easier to carry around. Not quite sure which one to purchase though. I'll probably end up with a Canon. Any suggestions?

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