Source: Fashion Gone Rouge

After reading so many blog posts about H&M's new collaboration collection with Lavin and coming across these campaign shots of the pieces, I had to share these photographs. At first, I was sortof impressed with the collaboration collection, but this past weekend while I was back in Toronto, I went to the H&M location at the Toronto Eaton Centre to find these interesting pieces and soon enough realized it was from the Lavin collection. The structure of the dresses really are fabulous, definitely something I would pick out. However, not quite sure how I feel about the material when it's actually on your body. The overall "look" of the pieces are gorgeous as it's not to my surprise that it seems as though many others are longing for the yellow one shoulder ruffled dress and the floral dress. Not quite sure how I feel about the prices for the quality you're receiving, but after looking at the entire collection... it's hard to resist. I'm in love with the white skirt, the floral dress, the pink dress... but not in love with the prices.


  1. #6+7 is mine for sure.
    Sooooo cute.
    Score for employee discount.

  2. I know, lucky lucky lucky you. #6 is my fave, I can picture myself wearing it with a nice neutral top and with killer heels. Ahhh I want.