It's been a long wild run, you know

Just finished my final midterm of first year. No more first year Biology midterms and I'm feeling estactic hehehe. Today, well after dinner at Bistro, I bought a coffee in preparation for my paper due tomorrow morning and won something from roll up the rim for the very first time. I was quite suprised, I never win with these kind of things. Over the weekend, CASS held our 8th Annual Semi-Formal. This year it was at Chic Chinoise. I had a great time dressing up and having a nice dinner with friends, but I thought it was kind of dull. I thought that there was going to be a dance type of thing after dinner so that everyone could meet each other. Everyone was sort of isolated from each other sitting at their own tables. Well, after the dinner, most of us went for the afterparty at XS nightclub and Mansion nightclub. I don't have too many pictures, but here are some. The song that my ears have been addicted to in the past few days is Song Cry by Jay Z and Can you hear me by Fabolous. Bringing back the old school jams - love it.

Typical washroom pictures lolll

I missed you a lot!
The CASS family.


Sweet sweet melody

Scooping up some old soul music lately. So soothing.. What would I do without music? John Mayer, India Arie, Musiq... But, I really dislike hearing the top 40 hits over and over again. Songs like "Shots" make my ear bleed when it's not at a club lol

Exams take the life out of me. I'm thinking of just catching up with Gossip Girl after exams. Sad I know boo! I'm only done on the 27th, meaning I can only celebrate my birthday after it. I think for my birthday plans I'm just going to go to Embassy? So a few more papers to go, some midterms then finals and first year of university is officially over! That was such a fast run. Lately things at school both socially and academically have been going well. Anyways, wow I went shopping three days in a row trying to buy something for the CASS semi formal tomorrow (March 20th, 2010)! I'm really excited to see everyone all glammed up - guys suited up and ladies all dolled up.  Also very excited to see faces of good friends from other university's that I haven't seen in so long.

Last weekend I went back to Toronto Friday night for one of my good friend's birthday. It was fun. Sort of like a little reunion at Embassy. I saw so many people I haven't seen in years (literally). Also, I can't believe I lost my favourite leather jacket from Danier (!#$!@#). I had to replace it the next day, thank god it was on sale this time. Friday night was a night with the girls too. We went to one of my best friend's place to get ready and drink a little bit before heading out, then us crazy girls went out in the rain waiting to go to Embassy. Afterwards we went to get some delicious pho, and went back to her house for a girl's sleepover. SUPER fun night. We're just a little crazy, you see.

                                Out in the rain. yuck! Mickey dee's in her hands. Lol, a girl's gotta eat!

A little crazy..

and clearly ...  little bit, drunk.
With one of my bestfriends!

Highschool love!

All of the girls

mmm pho after clubbing is always a plus


Head up in the clouds

Lately, I've been stressing so so so much about school it's ridiculous. My situation is that, I came to this university for the Psychology Neuroscience and Behaviour program - but I couldn't believe it when I found out all the time and effort I spent into some core courses I needed to get into that program were for nothing. Marks not high enough.. truly heartbreaking. I can't even stress that enough... I feel like coming to this university has been such a waste and a huge mistake. But I can't say that because I love it here despite the traumas I've been having academically related. Now, what to do? I've been thinking for my entire life, and now I feel like I'm standing on the edge of the cliff with no where to go because my opportunities have passed me by. I could have went to school locally to save thousands of dollars, but I chose to come here for the experience that I've had so far and for the education of course. But now, I have to consider a different program. Perhaps Kinesiology or Social Psychology? I'm having a 5th meeting with my academic advisor tomorrow so I hope I can move on to something from there. Aside from that, I'm still looking for two more people to live in our house next year. I didn't think it would be so difficult to find just TWO extra people to live in our house, but actually it is. Now I'm just thinking, if we don't find these two people, then all of the girls are going to have to split the costs of the two rooms amongst us all. Which will suck SO much ass.

Anywayyyyyyyyyys, back to studying. (N)