Head up in the clouds

Lately, I've been stressing so so so much about school it's ridiculous. My situation is that, I came to this university for the Psychology Neuroscience and Behaviour program - but I couldn't believe it when I found out all the time and effort I spent into some core courses I needed to get into that program were for nothing. Marks not high enough.. truly heartbreaking. I can't even stress that enough... I feel like coming to this university has been such a waste and a huge mistake. But I can't say that because I love it here despite the traumas I've been having academically related. Now, what to do? I've been thinking for my entire life, and now I feel like I'm standing on the edge of the cliff with no where to go because my opportunities have passed me by. I could have went to school locally to save thousands of dollars, but I chose to come here for the experience that I've had so far and for the education of course. But now, I have to consider a different program. Perhaps Kinesiology or Social Psychology? I'm having a 5th meeting with my academic advisor tomorrow so I hope I can move on to something from there. Aside from that, I'm still looking for two more people to live in our house next year. I didn't think it would be so difficult to find just TWO extra people to live in our house, but actually it is. Now I'm just thinking, if we don't find these two people, then all of the girls are going to have to split the costs of the two rooms amongst us all. Which will suck SO much ass.

Anywayyyyyyyyyys, back to studying. (N)

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