Where the grass is really greener


Silky blue Forever 21 dress, black H&M side purse, Zara braided belt

       Took a long relaxing stroll around the park today with Veronica (follow her blog at http://www.fabricrefined.blogspot.com/). The sun was beaming at us. But, it was not too bad because I'm pleased with it did to my skin. I look lightly toasted? haha. We were both up so late last night making slight adjustments to our blog and with that we woke up later than expected. We will definitely make a visit to the Distillery District and other historic areas next time. So instead of heading downtown late in the afternoon, we just decided to make a visit to a park nearby. With such beautiful weather, a camera, we decided to fool around a little. And heck, it was fun in the sun haha. This blog post is definitely a first. 

       On another note, lately I've been trying to think of what I want to do this summer and I came too a conclusion. There are numerous amount of places that I want to visit and so many things I want to do this summer in Toronto. Personally, I think this summer of 2010 definitely equals bigger and better plans than EVER. Last year was ridiculous, so this year I'm gonna make it better (What Monday to Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM full-time job you say?) So exciting. Besides L.A, hmmm... Well first off, I heard about O Noir back when first year just began and it struck my curiosity. I researched the restaurant a little bit back then and I immediately thought to myself: "I'm definitely going to make reservations there one day". It' sounds so awesome! It's basically a completely different experience (Yes, I bought it right away - If you know me... I'm always down for a new adventure), not just any experience, but a completely different dining experience. There is absolutely no lighting in the restaurant (this includes no flashlights, no watches, NADA). To read more about this dining adventure click here: http://www.onoir.com/MTL/en/frames.htm. Also, for some reason, I'd like to visit all of the museums I visited when I was younger in Toronto too. The Bata Shoe Musuem, The ROM, The AGO. I sound like such a tourist in my own city! I definitely have to somehow plan a trip to Sauble Beach this year too. Fishing on a boat is a must! My brain is kindof fried at this point, I'm back in Hamilton with a major headache. Oh well, I'll continue my list later.        




"Morning Flowers"

Wow. FashionGoneRouge, you never fail to impress me with your editorial postings. Honestly, I could spend countless hours browsing in awe. This "Morning Flowers" editorial by Vogue is truly amazing. This editorial is such an amazing piece of art. The lighting and composition gives off such a warm feeling. Not to mention, the rosy-neutral overall hues are a definite plus in my taste. Exquisitely intriguing.

Courtesy of FashionGoneRouge.com


Cali Love

I am finally back in Markham. Home sweet home. Today, I just cleaned the entire house from the time I woke up until 7PM. I am so exhausted but my mom will be back from the airport soon. I hope it will make her happy coming home to a clean house. I think this entire weekend will be spent with the fam more or less.

Definitely looking forward to Sunday. Finally going to purchase my long awaited flight ticket to Los Angeles. YESSSSSS! @#%#^@ SUPER STOKED. I can't express how insanely excited I am for this trip, especially since it's with one of my best girl friends. Can you say... adventure time? Toronto girls strolling around the streets of Hollywood,  Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, downtown L.A & etc. Can't forget about the beaches! VENICE VENICE VENICE... (and I'll do some more researching on other beaches that's worth a visit). Hopefully I can purchase my SLR in time for this trip so I can snap some nice shots :) After reading so many reviews and getting opinions from people with experience, I've decided on the Canon T1i since I'm just starting out. Nonetheless, it's extremely exciting. Finally my own SLR :D I swear I'm not going to be able to put my hands down when I get it haha


Birthdays and fireworks

      This Victoria's Day (May 24th) was spent up in Hamilton with my housemates. Original plan to head down to Woodbine Beach didn't happen. I wish I saw those beautiful fireworks. Oh well, maybe Canada Day? A friend of ours bought the birthday girl and guy a strawberry cake! It was delicious. Maybe because I usually love anything that's strawberry. After the little birthday celebration, we all headed out to do some fireworks. It was fun while it lasted but I wish that we had more fireworks to play with!

You look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning

       This week has been ridiculously hot. My room feels like a sauna. But nonetheless, over the weekend I went out to Wetbar nightclub in Toronto and it was disgustingly hot. The music was just okay, nothing special. But I did have a lot of fun hanging out with some of my old friends.  After the club, we went to a 24-hour steakhouse in Scarborough. It was delicious! I ordered a steak burger because my friends insisted that I got something with steak in it even though I wasn't extremely hungry.

     Saturday, I took my sister shopping for a graduation dress. I cannot believe that she's already graduating grade school. We walked around downtown Toronto and Queen St but she didn't find anything that she liked. She mentioned that she was looking for something like my prom dress but in a different colour which was just a strapless hot pink dress from French Connection. After an exhausting day of shopping, I took her out to have some sushi at Hosu on Queen St. That place is delicious.

      Sunday, I went back downtown to look for a birthday gift for my housemate. She wanted these Urban Outfitter pillow cases but they didn't have it in the store! Ugh. So then I rushed back to Hamilton in the afternoon in time for her birthday party. I have never seen my housemates go crazy like that, hahaha.


That is how it's all done, all the dreamers on the run

My long overdue birthday photos.

...NEVERMIND. Okay, I'm gonna have to hold this off for a bit. Since I got a virus on my laptop two weeks ago I had to reformat everything from my laptop and place it into my external drive which just so happens to be in my Hamilton home. Oops! damnit.

Hey this fire, it's burnin', burnin' us up

     The weather is beautiful. It definitely makes me feel more motivated to do things. I just got back to Toronto last night really late and finally caught up on some sleep last night. Yesterday was kind of interesting, my friend Veronica was waiting for me at my house for approx. 2 hours without me there haha. I was coming back from Hamilton! I have to say, it's so nice to be home. I missed Toronto food! mm well, we sort of discussed/tried figuring out our plans to L.A next month for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) 2010. I'm extremely hyped up for it still... oh well. If that doesn't happen, I don't care. I'm going somewhere this summer before I start working full time. I spoke to my dad on my way back to Hamilton last night and he said he'd be happy to cover the costs of my trip, yes!!! Oh and my daddy's coming back soon too. Just in time for Father's Day! I'm quite excited because I haven't seen him in an entire year. He suggested that I should definitely go to Cancun because it's beautiful and it's pretty wild. Please please please, vacation before working full-time this summer *fingers crossed.

          Well anyways, the past week in Hamilton, my housemates and I cleaned up the house like crazy to prep for my housemates birthday party this Sunday. In the front of our house, we have sooo many vines!!! It was so irritating because everytime we were going home our house felt like it was covered in vines/bushes. Yuck. So... guess what I decided to it? I gave my house a haircut hahaha. I grabbed a pair of scissors, a huge knife, and a pair of dishing gloves. It was ridic. But I gotta say our house looks much much much better. I also made Banana bread for my very first time :D I just randomly wanted to make it and it turned out pretty good actually. Well I'd like to think so anyways because my housemates ate it all. YUM.


Guilty Pleasures

MichaelKors MICHAEL Michael Kors Lilly Large Hobo, Vanilla

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors Erin Large Shoulder Tote, Vanilla White

I've been up all morning reading in prep for my midterm exam Thursday morning. I needed a break so... I went browsing online. Michael Kors is probably one of my favourite designers. I love the handbags and wallets. My favourite purse and long wallet is a cream colour from MKors but it's so dirty now. Eek! The second purse looks similar to the one I have right now but I'm not too sure if I should save up to purchase it. White purses are instant dirt attractors. Why must I be a sucker for white purses? lol

Queen of Pop

Wow. Today I'm just blown away by all of these campaigns/editorials & etc. These photos are incredible! But is it just me, or does Madonna look very much like Marilyn Monroe in that photo right above? I could not even recognize her in the first photo though. Hm, I need to get my hands on an SLR. I've been eye-ing on a few for a while now but I'm still not quite sure which one to pick up. I have all of these ideas for shoots but the first step is to make my SLR purchase haha

Lydia Hearst by Elias Wessel

I can't take my eyes off this editorial. It's breathtaking, seriously. The colours are so vibrant, everything in the photographs compliments each other so well. The details are absolutely amazing and not to mention the soft touch that some of those photographs have. This is absolutely amazing.

Source: Vixen Magazine

Simply stunning

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Gorgeous. Kerr and the heels.
My break from studying = impulsive fashion blog reading.


Romantic Hues

I'm a sucker for rosey, neutral, and pastel colours.

Le c'est beau

. The last year has definately been a long and tough road for me but I can already begin to make sense of some things. My past has got me thinking... I'm really thankful for all the good friends and amazing family I have around me.


Whisper Something Fragile

It's been so long since I've updated my blog because so many things have happened lately! My 19th birthday recently passed and I celebrated with the girls with a lunch date and shopping then at The Keg for dinner. I've finally settled into my house in Hamilton. Things have been great but stressful. Midterms are already next week and summer hasn't even really began yet for me. I'm really envious of those who are already on vacation and those who are planning to go. Oh, I also scored a full time teaching job for the summer! The hours are going to be the death of me lol. Time to make some money back to pay off my debt. But honestly, I feel like I have not had a break.. well a "real" break for so long. I want a vacation, nowww. Someone bring me, please?