You look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning

       This week has been ridiculously hot. My room feels like a sauna. But nonetheless, over the weekend I went out to Wetbar nightclub in Toronto and it was disgustingly hot. The music was just okay, nothing special. But I did have a lot of fun hanging out with some of my old friends.  After the club, we went to a 24-hour steakhouse in Scarborough. It was delicious! I ordered a steak burger because my friends insisted that I got something with steak in it even though I wasn't extremely hungry.

     Saturday, I took my sister shopping for a graduation dress. I cannot believe that she's already graduating grade school. We walked around downtown Toronto and Queen St but she didn't find anything that she liked. She mentioned that she was looking for something like my prom dress but in a different colour which was just a strapless hot pink dress from French Connection. After an exhausting day of shopping, I took her out to have some sushi at Hosu on Queen St. That place is delicious.

      Sunday, I went back downtown to look for a birthday gift for my housemate. She wanted these Urban Outfitter pillow cases but they didn't have it in the store! Ugh. So then I rushed back to Hamilton in the afternoon in time for her birthday party. I have never seen my housemates go crazy like that, hahaha.

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