Cali Love

I am finally back in Markham. Home sweet home. Today, I just cleaned the entire house from the time I woke up until 7PM. I am so exhausted but my mom will be back from the airport soon. I hope it will make her happy coming home to a clean house. I think this entire weekend will be spent with the fam more or less.

Definitely looking forward to Sunday. Finally going to purchase my long awaited flight ticket to Los Angeles. YESSSSSS! @#%#^@ SUPER STOKED. I can't express how insanely excited I am for this trip, especially since it's with one of my best girl friends. Can you say... adventure time? Toronto girls strolling around the streets of Hollywood,  Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, downtown L.A & etc. Can't forget about the beaches! VENICE VENICE VENICE... (and I'll do some more researching on other beaches that's worth a visit). Hopefully I can purchase my SLR in time for this trip so I can snap some nice shots :) After reading so many reviews and getting opinions from people with experience, I've decided on the Canon T1i since I'm just starting out. Nonetheless, it's extremely exciting. Finally my own SLR :D I swear I'm not going to be able to put my hands down when I get it haha

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