Where the grass is really greener


Silky blue Forever 21 dress, black H&M side purse, Zara braided belt

       Took a long relaxing stroll around the park today with Veronica (follow her blog at http://www.fabricrefined.blogspot.com/). The sun was beaming at us. But, it was not too bad because I'm pleased with it did to my skin. I look lightly toasted? haha. We were both up so late last night making slight adjustments to our blog and with that we woke up later than expected. We will definitely make a visit to the Distillery District and other historic areas next time. So instead of heading downtown late in the afternoon, we just decided to make a visit to a park nearby. With such beautiful weather, a camera, we decided to fool around a little. And heck, it was fun in the sun haha. This blog post is definitely a first. 

       On another note, lately I've been trying to think of what I want to do this summer and I came too a conclusion. There are numerous amount of places that I want to visit and so many things I want to do this summer in Toronto. Personally, I think this summer of 2010 definitely equals bigger and better plans than EVER. Last year was ridiculous, so this year I'm gonna make it better (What Monday to Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM full-time job you say?) So exciting. Besides L.A, hmmm... Well first off, I heard about O Noir back when first year just began and it struck my curiosity. I researched the restaurant a little bit back then and I immediately thought to myself: "I'm definitely going to make reservations there one day". It' sounds so awesome! It's basically a completely different experience (Yes, I bought it right away - If you know me... I'm always down for a new adventure), not just any experience, but a completely different dining experience. There is absolutely no lighting in the restaurant (this includes no flashlights, no watches, NADA). To read more about this dining adventure click here: http://www.onoir.com/MTL/en/frames.htm. Also, for some reason, I'd like to visit all of the museums I visited when I was younger in Toronto too. The Bata Shoe Musuem, The ROM, The AGO. I sound like such a tourist in my own city! I definitely have to somehow plan a trip to Sauble Beach this year too. Fishing on a boat is a must! My brain is kindof fried at this point, I'm back in Hamilton with a major headache. Oh well, I'll continue my list later.        




  1. im loving your blue dress, so adorable!


  2. Love the pictures! you guys are looking gorgeous