Throughout the last year I've been wanting to order clothing pieces from various U.K sites but because of the shipping costs I've never done it.  I've always wanted to order from Topshop, Asos, or Net-a-Porter. I'm super excited for Topshop's new makeup collection though. My friend Veronica mentioned that they will be opening up a store in Toronto. YES! I am absolutely in love with the nail polish colours from Topshop's make-up collection. Who is crazy for red-pink nail polishes and lip colours?! Me. They make me go crazy. I still want to try some China Glaze nail polishes but I'm skeptical about it because I have heard so many mixed reviews about them. But for the price... why not? *Shrugs. I'm still thinking about ordering from: http://www.8ty8beauty.com/nail_polishes/cg-a.htm. But we'll see because there are a couple Sally's near my home in Toronto that sell them for a decent price. I want the entire Kicks collection, ahhhhh.

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  1. so rad! and i am so jealous that T.O gets a topshop. poor winnipeg left in the dust again!

    xx raez