Glitter on the streets

Didn't even realize the curling iron was still in her hair lol!

 It’s June 12th and I'm still waiting on my visa card to arrive so I can finally book my hotel and flight tickets for L.A. It's so frustrating because I'm so anxious to get it over with. My friend and I are supposed to be leaving on Sunday June 20th which is soon (and I mean really really really, soon). But anyway...

Last night I went back to Toronto to meet up with the ladies for a night out. First we all went to a friend’s condo to for the pre-drink party. His condo was soo nice! I want to live in one now lolll. It was a crazy night with them at Skybar and Wetbar. Skybar was kind of dead – the music wasn’t that great and no one was dancing except for us. So we moved over to Wetbar which was surprisingly better. On the first floor they featured K-Pop. It was really fun but I would have to say I have never been around so many Koreans before LOL. They played a lot of Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Tae Yang, and Super Junior. After clubbing, a bunch of us went to grab some food at a restaurant and we headed back to Hamilton. Summer school is officially over in: 5 days! :)


  1. You girls are the cutest :).
    Loooooove you.
    You headed right back to hammy right after clubbing?
    Whoa such a mission...

  2. Yeah! Omg. I got back at 530AM.
    I passed out on the car ride home.
    I woke up and literally we just got off the highway in Hamilton. I was tripping out LOL

    I can't wait for L.AAAA!