Take me away

School has been taking over my life. Wake up, eat, library, eat, library, sleep. Holy...............
Two more weeks left.

P.S I got the best phonecall today from my daddy. haha :)


Glistening Sun

I am superbly excited for the beautiful warm weather within the next few days. Hopefully this trend continues as it is Spring!  This week I barely attended my classes because... well, just because. Blame it on the sun aha, I was outside studying for a bit sitting on the bench with the nice sun beaming onto me. So warm. On Tuesday I went across the boarder to Buffalo for a day of shopping and a break from school. I purchased several of tops and bottoms for the weather along with a pair of Hugo Boss and Armani Exchange sunglasses for my parents and a white bikini top from Victoria Secret. Hopefully they'll like my picks. I haven't been home in about two weeks, last weekend consisted of attending a kegger in Hamilton and lobster dinner with some friends with UFC then another party. Lol, I don't want to seem like a party girl! But, this weekend I will be attending one of my close friend's 19th birthday celebration and furniture shopping! I am super super super excited to move in to our house. The school year is almost done and I can't even believe it. First year flew by like it frosh week was just last week...

On a side note, I can't wait to head back home this weekend. I want to shop! I'm in need of new nail polish colours (turquoise is a must and hot pink is my favourite so I'm gonna stock up again. China Glaze or OPI? I want to find some summer dresses with floral ascents and some new sandals.Today is our CASS exec BBQ & end of the year party. Hopefully I can tan! I'm so pale right now.

 I can't believe everything is coming to an end for first year! It's so saddening. I wonder how it's going to be when we all move out of res too.