Set a Drift of Memory Bliss

Talula fedora, Talula tank, Abercrombie and Fitch shorts, Hennes & Mauritz side purse

The clouds looked so puffy - such a beautiful sight.

In Houston, Texas 

 Miles and miles of city lights

...And we're back!

Day One
Hello Cali! On Sunday June 20th, 2010 and Veronica made our way down to Toronto’s Pearson Airport. There was so much anticipation while waiting to check-in, go through customs and security to board our plane. We got to the airport roughly around 3 in the afternoon and our plane departed at 5:45 in the evening. Our hearts were bursting of excitement for this long-awaited trip down to Los Angeles, California. However, we were extremely nervous to get on the plane because the last time we both travelled by plane was about 6 – 9 years ago. Travelling this time around was an extremely different experience because it was both of our first time traveling by ourselves (we held hands while taking off in Toronto, seriously). Needless to say, we were both thrilled to take go and experience this trip together (REAL cheesy, I know).

We made a stop in Houston, Texas for about an hour before flying to Los Angeles. In Houston, we only had a short amount of time to catch our flight to L.A. We had to hop onto one of the trains to get to our terminal. There was an elderly women on our train that was lost and she only had 5 minutes left before her flight to Ontario, Cali. At first I tripped out because I thought she was going to Canada. After the woman found her way, we had to rush to our gate. The plane ride was incredibly uncomfortable for me once again. It sucked because my chair was broken again - I tried pressing my seat to go back, but apparently it moved the seat of the man beside me. I'd have to say, the expression on his face was hilarious. We were all laughing hahaha. We finally arrived in Los Angeles, California at about 10:30PM L.A time (I've never seen sooooo many city lights in my life before - it was beautiful!) and I was slightly frustrated because I couldn't find my luggage. I went to talk to some people and they said that my luggage came on a different flight so it would be late and that they would send it back to our hotel (well that killed our plan of exploring after settling into our hotel). I have to mention that while I was waiting to talk to those people, there were these young girls blabbering on and on about how filthy rich they were. They were talking about smoking (disgusted) and one of the girls said to another girl, "only you would smoke designer cigarettes" (even more disgusted). So, my view of L.A kind of stayed intact (typical spoiled rich kids lol).

After I figured things out at LAX we headed towards La Quinta Inn & Suites. It was slightly frustrating when we were checking in because my visa kept declining (damn you credit limit)!! Well after a little bit, we finally figured things out and just called it a night since we wanted to get up early for the next day.

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  1. great outfit! love it:)