Hey this fire, it's burnin', burnin' us up

     The weather is beautiful. It definitely makes me feel more motivated to do things. I just got back to Toronto last night really late and finally caught up on some sleep last night. Yesterday was kind of interesting, my friend Veronica was waiting for me at my house for approx. 2 hours without me there haha. I was coming back from Hamilton! I have to say, it's so nice to be home. I missed Toronto food! mm well, we sort of discussed/tried figuring out our plans to L.A next month for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) 2010. I'm extremely hyped up for it still... oh well. If that doesn't happen, I don't care. I'm going somewhere this summer before I start working full time. I spoke to my dad on my way back to Hamilton last night and he said he'd be happy to cover the costs of my trip, yes!!! Oh and my daddy's coming back soon too. Just in time for Father's Day! I'm quite excited because I haven't seen him in an entire year. He suggested that I should definitely go to Cancun because it's beautiful and it's pretty wild. Please please please, vacation before working full-time this summer *fingers crossed.

          Well anyways, the past week in Hamilton, my housemates and I cleaned up the house like crazy to prep for my housemates birthday party this Sunday. In the front of our house, we have sooo many vines!!! It was so irritating because everytime we were going home our house felt like it was covered in vines/bushes. Yuck. So... guess what I decided to it? I gave my house a haircut hahaha. I grabbed a pair of scissors, a huge knife, and a pair of dishing gloves. It was ridic. But I gotta say our house looks much much much better. I also made Banana bread for my very first time :D I just randomly wanted to make it and it turned out pretty good actually. Well I'd like to think so anyways because my housemates ate it all. YUM.

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