Come take my pulse the pace is on a runaway train

So, here I am, back in Toronto. Within the last week, I basically stayed at one of my really good friend's house in Burlington. Late night talks, pigging out, study dates at Starbucks and Second Cup, watching the Winter Olympics games and listening to music. Good quality time spent <3

Although much has happened in the last week and caused me to become an emotional wreck for a few days; Wednesday and Thursday = shopping therapy x 2 at FOUR malls. YES! that's right hahaha on Wednesday the girls and I went to Limeridge Mall in Hamilton and then Mapleview Mall in Burlington, searching through different stores to find the perfect dress for our night out! But we failed. The next day, we went to Eastgate Square (shitty ass mall in Hamilton by the way). So obviously we could not find any pieces that were satisfying, right after that... we decided to mission to Mississauga to go to Square One. The things girls do for fashion haha but I found the cutest white dresses ever! I love white dresses. I think it's because it makes my jet black hair stand out. The night was stressful with the irritating events here and there, but it was well worth it. We had a good night at 1280 and definately saw some things we did not want to see. We saw a guy with his underwear on, dancing up on a girl... Ok there. Awkward. I hate when people are all sweaty and then their skin presses against your skin! It was disgusting. It was so crowded last night!! But we managed to get some pictures, and I'm going to develop them for our house next year! I'll upload them to my blog, while I finish my night with the hockey game and textbook haha

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