Normally I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift but a couple songs off her new album are pretty good.

I think the shopaholic in me has finally given my inner-self a little message. I can't believe I woke up from a dream of having two brand new beautiful Marc Jacobs jackets. Maybe it's just a reminder of how I should save up and purchase those MJ purses I always find myself gazing at in Aritzia. After running errands I rushed back home to find out where I placed my brand new Marc Jacobs wallet I purchased from Melrose in Los Angeles this past summer and thought I would share some photos. V and I have matching ones :) It's a plain black leather wallet with embossed lettering on the hot pink interior. Also, I went on a shopping trip with my sister yesterday and bought some new pieces to add to my wardrobe from Zara. My heart died a little when I saw what I wanted at the MK store yesterday. I've been eyeing on the Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted collection for quite a while now and I'm dying to the get the cross-body, wallet and coin purse. I saw it in the store yesterday and the quilted leather was stunning. Links below:

 Michael Kors - Hamilton Quilted Continental Wallet in Black
 Michael Kors - Hamilted Quilted Crossbody Bag in Gunmetal

 Michael Kors - Hamilted Quilted Coin Purse in Red


  1. Haha I don't know why, but the exterior of the MJ wallet reminds me of one of those black cd cases that I have! Love the bright, vivid pink interior though :) Never see you using it!

    I love Zara basics and knits :)

  2. Aney it reminded me of the exact same thing! The wallet looks lovely. And Jess, I'm glad you found something at the mall yesterday =)

  3. I haven't used it yet that's why haha. It's still brand new so I'm thinking of using it now since my white MK one is really dirty. Did you find anything at the mall yesterday lianne? :)