Melt my heart to stone


My housemate and spent hours baking sugar cookies and cupcakes and even more time decorating them. These baked goods made a huge contribution towards a good cause today. The student group that I'm part of at my university were selling all of our baked goods by donation towards a charitable organization called Operation Christmas Child. We fundraised for this charitable organization last year and basically we get a lot of shoe boxes, buy necessities for a certain age group, and wrap the present boxes up nicely so that children in Third World countries can also have the privilege that we have around the holidays.

Friday night and I'm sitting at home collecting my thoughts, but really I'm just collecting myself together. For the last couple of weeks I've been extremely drained from the amount of hours my life consisted solely at school. Every single day seems to consist of attending lectures, studying at the library for countless hours, eating, study, sleep - repeat. I love the fact that it's keeping me busy but it definitely makes me wish Summer was back again.

I miss going to the beach in the middle of the night with friends conversing, driving up north for campfires, random fishing trips in the east side of the city, getting frustrated because I'm not able to find what I want when I search from city to city for something I want from a store (yes, even the getting frustrated part), catching up with old and new friends, seeing my family everyday, having homecooked meals everyday, eating Korean food and drinking bubbletea whenever  I wanted, long drives to unknown destinations, sitting in my car waiting for the rain storm to stop, jamming to 70/80's songs with the girlfriend, dinner dates, going to new and old places, seeing friends in the most random places. Loll, I could go on for forever. I miss summer and laying low just spending quality time with the people I care about most.

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