Lacking blog posts for some reason lately. These pictures are from the homecoming game last weekend at our university. It was freezing cold that I only stayed up until the fourth period but that's okay because the score was 39-3, our win. For the lack of blog posts... I think maybe it's because I'm extremely overwhelmed with the amount of school work lately or I'm just not motivated. Even though I'm caught up with my school work and slightly ahead of the game at the moment, I'm still worried as midterm exams are coming up. I also turned down the job offer in Europe for next summer because I think that the additional expenses are ridiculous and not worth it. I'm just hoping that I don't regret the decision I made... so now I better find something to do next summer. Hoping to volunteer abroad but I'm still looking for an organization to go with. On a side note, I finally purchased my Wilfred Harem pants which I'm very excited about, but the weather is getting colder and colder, boo you winter weather.

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