A night of wonders

On our way to Nuit Blanche we stopped by a patisserie called Nadege. I think I heard of this place before so I was really excited to go in. Especially seeing all of the macarons through the window, I couldn't help but rush everybody in hahaha :) I got salt caramel and pistache. Pistache is delicious as always, but the shell of the salt caramel didn't taste that great. I'm hoping to try this place in Yorkville one day called Cafe Moroco. I've heard a lot of good things about it. At NB, we visited some galleries with exquisite paintings and displays. Some were worth well over $50, 000! Ridiculous. We got to see a small magic show, a riot/parade sort-of-thing along the main strips in the heart of Toronto, and an outdoor party. It was such a long day but overall it was well worth it.

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  1. Macaroons are delicious! We are glad you had an adventurous night @ Nuit Blanche!

    Staff @ www.YorkvilleConnect.com