Cheers to 2010!

2010 will be great. I've learnt from my many mistakes over the past and with the fresh year ahead of me - I'm determined to do things the right way around. Let me start off by thinking of some new years resolutions.

1) Be indepedent as I can be.
2) School is my number one priority next to my family.
3) Be healthy, eat healthy.
4) Be spontaneous and do more new things.
5) Never take anything for granted.

Okay, I can't really think right now.

Well, here's New Year's Eve in a nutshell - I went to Urban Lounge last night in Markham to celebrate with some friends. It was really nice to see everybody again especially after so long! In addition, there were somethings that happened that kindof screwed the night up but I'm glad I had really supportive and helpful friends there. Thanks guuuys. Happy New Years to all of you! Best wishes to everything and anything you guys do in the future.

Here are some pictures:

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