Sparkling snowflakes

This weekend I went to Collingwood's Blue Mountain to snowboard with CASS (Canadian Asian Student Society) and it was an amazing weekend excluding all of the unncessary drama. I was anticipating this trip for weeks! Thursday night, the girls were anxious to go out and have some fun, so we went out to Club 77 in downtown Hamilton. We stayed for half of our evening class because we were only watching a movie, then we went to get ready and cabbed to the club. It was a fun night, many pictures were taken and our hearts were on the dancefloor. However, the entire night I couldn't help but anxiously await for the snowboarding trip! We left around 5 in the late afternoon Friday January 8th and got there through the blistering cold and snowfall by approximately 9PM. We settled into our rooms and even though my housemates and I were exhausted, we managed to stick to our plan and make our yummy pasta! After dinner we had some drinks and went to bed for the early morning next day. The next day we got up around 8AM, made breakfast and headed out to the slopes for some long awaited boarding time! It was fun the entire day until people started to crash into me haha - I still need to learn how to curve properly. I know it takes practice but it's so painful when I wake up the next day because of falling 24/7! But anyways, I think I managed well for my third time boarding, except for the fact that I lost one of my gloves! I'd love to go to Mount Tremblant in Quebec in February during reading week. I hope when I plan it, the plan will go through! But yeah, if you know me well enough, you know I'm always down for an adventure - that's just me haha. Oh yea! I'm so clumsy, someone lifted the chairlift bar and it hit my lip so hard that it hurt so much,the pain even went up to my nose! And I dropped my Triple Trip (Reese's pieces) Beavertails so I had to get a Chocolate Hazlenut one right after! I haven't had one in years and boy, are they yummy hehe -- After we were all sore we went back to our extremely nice house! (None of us wanted to leave! haha - it was such a nice place; we had high ceilings, big windows, big rooms, comfty beds, a nice living room, it was just so nice!) But anyway, we decided to head to the UOFT party a few houses down at the resort, but not many of our friends went yet so we decided to pre-drink at our house. Then, some friends-of-friend's came and caused WAY too much drama that basically killed my mood for the entire night. I was so upset and angry becuase they were being so disrespectful in so many ways (don't worry vee, I'll tell you in details after ahha). But yeah, some of those people were sketchier than sketch! Made everyone so angry because they caused such a big scene at our place. After everyone left, my housemates and I had bonding time with chatting over watching TV and eating delicious cake! At the end of the night, everything sortof came together but I'd have to say though it was so frustrating, it was still fun. We took so many memorable pictures, made several of delicious meals, and had a real good time all together. None of us wanted to leave 207, we had too much fun there! I think we all had a very fun-filled weekend :) Oh yeah, it was also really nice to see friend from highschool on the trip too! Edwin, you know McMaster is the best! haha - I hope you had fun meeting some of my friends from MAC, you drunk kid!


Walking back to residence after Club 77

First meal

Up on the hills

Such beautiful scenary

Pillow fight haha

Our place for the duration of our stay

The kitchen

View from our kitchen windows 

Last all girls picture before we left!

This picture reminds me of Friends for some reason.

The master bedroom in our apartment style accommodation had a huge opening to the living room. We had to take this picture before we left haha

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