Gentlemen's Don't

Gabe bondoc <3 Gentlemen's Don't is one of my favorite songs from him. His voice is so soothing haha. Currently I am sitting in my most boring lecture. Anthropology. It's such a drag to come to this lecture because this professor is one of the absolute worst haha - She loves yelling at a room full of approx 500-600 students. On top of that she is basically technology challenged ahaha, lovely. But anyways, I thought I would update my blog since I actually have time right now... because she just started playing a random movie. Anyways during the past week I've been studying my ass off, staying up til the middle of night trying to get my work done. When working at the student center at night with my friends, we always always always see/hear/or referring to last night... smell these wierd things. Honestly, who dances at 4AM? Some people started blasting Indian music while people were studying, there's nothing wrong with Indian music but it was so late! Last night, we smelt some dirty sour smell, and it was coming from some guy who took off his shoes haha - gross. It reeked and I wanted to puke. One more day to go... I can't wait until the weekend (staying in Hamilton!) :) No waking up early for classes - but it does consist of quality time with the friends and studying. Oh yeah, I forgot... here are some pictures from the last time I went skating in Toronto at Harbourfront! Pretty lights, snowflakes, ice skating, good music = A pretty damn good night with the friends <3 Note to self - Stop losing my earrings. officially lost my pearls and most of my studs. Sigh :*(

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