Midnight Medley

Currently on repeat: Jay Sean - Lights Off

"Good things come to those who wait" - I think in the last few weeks, that quote has begun to finally to show it's meaning ahha. This weekend we bought a mini Heiny-keg and some liquor... after a long week of late night studying, Friday night was the night to lay low and relax. But today is time to get back to reality, catching up on readings and studying, joy. Reading week is soon and I get to go back home to Toronto, hopefully I'll get some studying done because I have a midterm right after! Not to mention a midterm right before reading week ahah, sucks so much. Hmm, I've been thinking of what kind of furniture purchases to make for my house next year, ahah I'm so excited! Okay, that's it for now.

So, I'm on the Rollingstone's website, and look at what I came across!


Lady Gagafied lmao

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