Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm

Last weekend I went to Montreal, Quebec for the weekend with one of my closest girlfriends to get away from Toronto just for a little bit. I packed Thursday evening and left right after work Friday afternoon. Getting to the bus terminal after work was a tad bit stressful because of the rush hour. I swear I almost didn't make it on time but since I went to another terminal - I caught the bus on time (Thank god). I finally met up with my girlfriend on the bus and we caught up with snacks and music. Though our seats were extremely uncomfortable (I think my neck was about to break during the entire 7 hours), I loved our bonding time. We were the first ones off the bus and hopped into a friend's car then headed to Tonic Nightclub. The next day we had lunch and spent the day in downtown Montreal and most of our time at Old Port. I was extremely upset that I didn't have my DSLR on me because Old Montreal was absolutely beautiful. There are some areas where it's so culturally-orientated - cobblestone, paintings, old statues... etc. Surprisingly, I bumped into a couple friends from Toronto when we were roaming around downtown. That night we decided to meet up with them and go to Muzique nightclub (amazing house music). The next day we visited family and had to go back to Old Montreal in the rain because we loved it so much. I'm hoping to go back during the wintertime when the city is covered in blankets of snow and visit my lovely new friends from Montreal.

 I can't wait any longer for my T1i.

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  1. thanks for stopping by--your photography is absolutely beautiful! x.

    -jessica :)