La Dolce Vita

For a couple years now I have always wanted to spontaneously travel to a new country, live there, and experience their culture full-out. I know that it would be difficult to adjust my lifestyle to it but it's a challenge that I believe will be valuable to me as an individual. It will definitely help me grow as a woman considering all of the new things I will learn. This Summer, I've taken one of my life goals into a lot of consideration by doing a lot of researching in the last few days. I have been on numerous websites, emailing different international and local programs that organize individuals like myself to have a placement for a couple of months in another country. Hopefully everything works out in time. And hopefully, they aren't scammers.

Besides all of that, I started a new book (finally reading something other than a textbook). I'm currently reading The Guardian by Nicolas Sparks who is one of my favourite authors. I'm a sucker for cheesy-romance - what can I say. Hopefully when my work term is over, I'll be able to finish it :)

Lately I've been doing A LOT of online shopping. I find myself browsing eBay a lot for random things... hahaha. I ordered myself a pair of Steve Madden boots for F/W'10 in Candence. I'm so glad I found these on their site for cheaper too - bargain yeaaaah. It was only around $114 in total including tax and shipping from the states. I checked out the Steve Madden store here in Toronto and the exact pair goes for about $150 plus all that tax. What a steal :) I also ordered some crystallized Swarovski necklaces from a website online. I've been looking for these babies everywhere for so long! I'm so glad I found them :) I'll post pictures when I receive them. Now... I've been looking at these obnoxious high heels from Topshop. My love for shoes will never fade away. We are inseparable LOL.

I will be headed to Montreal with one of my bestfriends for the weekend. So stoked but I hope my sickness doesn't carry into the weekend :(


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