You may say that I'm a dreamer

So it's the last month of summer and I think I'm set. I swear I'm trying to find every excuse to get out of Toronto, not that I hate it but I need to be able to enjoy what's left of summer before it ends. This weekend I spent it going over to the states and Niagara Falls with my family and fishing with a couple of friends. The boat will be truly missed once again. Camping is in 6 days woo!! Super stoked for the talks around the campfire while roasting marshmellows and attempting to remake our failed Claudhoppers (or however you spell it) from previous years and ghost stories? Sure why not. Except last night while hanging out with my friends... ghost stories are definitely NOT a good idea before going to bed. I had so much trouble falling asleep last night. Excited for the hikes, some more tanning, the cooking, and basically the group bonding time before we all get buussssy. After my camping trip next weekend, the weekend after will be a weekend spent in Montreal with one of my bestfriends that's like a sister to me <3 However...

Before summer ends, I'd like to....
1. Visit the Zoo, ROM and all of those Toronto tourist places, just because
2. Make a reservation for dinner at O'Noir
3. The annual CNE visit!
4. Meet up with old friend I go back to school
5. Trip to Cuba or Mexico before school starts?
6. Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours
7. Late night at Lakeshore
8. Visit Sibbald Point's beach at night. So beautiful there with the rocks
9. Eat as much Korean food as I can before I'm deprived in Hamilton hahaha (maybe I should just learn how to make PBS and bulgogi)
10. and I can't think anymore.
oh wait,
10. Ziplining
11. Center Island

The adventure lovin' adrenaline addict.

Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait anymoreeee, I want to buy my Steve Madden's for autumn and start layering my clothes for some odd reason. I think I'm bored of summer since the weather hasn't been 100% great lately.

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