Half of my heart

Last week was my official my last week of work this summer and I got the best news ever.  I was so happy because everything was going the right way and maybe even slightly better. I have two new housemates so I won't have to continue to worry about my rent  for my house in Hamilton anymore. I also got my final pay cheque of the summer (bittersweet.. haha). And the company I applied through for a position internationally for next summer contacted me again to provide them with references and they'll come to Toronto to interview me :) Aside from that... I finally have summer 100% back. It’s time to do what I’ve been wanting to do before it’s too late… bring on the adventures haha. Time to cross of those things on my to-do list.

Went for dinner with two girlfriends last week at a bar/pub/grill restaurant on Main Street in Unionville. It was pouring here and there and we were afraid to have a patio dinner so we found this pub with seats in the porch area. I forget what my dish was called, but it was just salmon slices with slices of bread and salad. The girlfriends had a butter chicken dish with pitas and a smoked salmon sandwich with a "Peach-Kiss" margarita that apparently sounded alluring but the actual taste itself was not pleasing. 

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