The Wildest Run

Outdoor shopping <3

Never got a chance to try Pinkberry :(

Creepy looking Mickey.

Damn taxi ruined my picture.

Just arrived on EDC grounds and the spirit is insane

Absolutely amazing.

Insomniac events... haha


Neon paint =)

All sweaty and gross.

 The best night by far. One of the highlights of my life.

Day Six
– Santa Monica/Venice Beach, University of South California (USC) Electric Daisy Carnival

      The day has finally arrived! We waited weeks for this event (I still can’t believe that I was searching this up during the school year and I actually bought tickets and went. Crrrrazy). But first, we were waiting for Tammi to pick us up so we could head down to Santa Monica. When we got in to the car, she had asked if we ate breakfast yet or if we brought big bags. We were slightly confused. But… Tammi made us turkey breast sandwiches and brought us a bunch of grapes and oranges. The oranges were true California oranges that she had grown from her backyard and the ingredients for the turkey breast sandwiches were bought from Target the day before. She’s so sweet!!! The food was delicious.

     We finally arrived to Santa Monica and I must say, one of my favourite things about nice weather all year round is the outdoor malls.  We did a little more shopping here. I bought a pair of new UGGS (tall sand), moccasins and a bunch of clothing. We stopped for lunch at Cafe de le crepe (it’s the same one on Queen street in Toronto)! Afterwards to we went to tour around a little bit around the Santa Monica pier. It view was so beautiful because there was a rollercoaster and Ferris wheel on a boardwalk near the beach. Not to mention, Venice Beach was walking distance
J We saw some interesting things along our stroll… There were a couple people dressed up in Spiderman and Mickey Mouse suits which looked rather scary. It looked like it came from a horror movie lol. After this, we caught a cab – and got a deal with them. We asked them to drive us back to our hotel so we could drop off our shopping bags and then drive us to USC for $95 (cabbing was ridiculously expensive).

     As Veronica and I approached USC in the taxi, we were overwhelmed by the different neon coloured outfits people put together for the Electric Daisy Carnival. I saw those ridiculous looking furry boots (there were neon orange, green, yellow, pink) and people made daisy headbands. Everyone’s make-up was done like astonishing theatre make-up because it was extremely exaggerated. I don’t think I have ever felt so underdressed because Veronica and I clearly did not blend in with the rest of the crowd haha. We both went for a casual look; v-necks and shorts. We did not expect this. But anyway, we grabbed our online tickets and lined up to go in. The excitement was insane! It was amazing to see everyone so hyped up and in spirit for EDC. Once we finally got in, I seriously could not believe it. 1.For the fact that we were actually in LA and 2. That we were actually in LA for EDC at that very moment.

     We walked through the tunnel to get to Kinetic Field (where the main event for Kaskade & Deadmau5 was held) and aaaah my god. Ear-gasms. The stadium was CRAZY! I’ve never seen/heard anything like it. People were dancing, lights were beaming and flashing, music was blasting, bass was pumping, carnival rides were going on EVERYWHERE.
The loved the hype for the two shows of the night. People went CRAZY for Kaskade, Deadmau5. Benny Bennasi, Afrojack, Dirty South, Chuckie, Steve Angello… woo crazy line-up. This is an event where you definitely have to be there in order to experience it because words cannot describe what an incredible event it is. We saw things that made our jaw drop, we danced until we couldn’t dance anymore, and we let our voices suffer the next few days from cheering. Electric Daisy Carnival 2010…– if you saw the trailers, trust me, it’s 100x crazier in person. If you love house music, then this is an event you can't miss.  Electric Daisy Carnival = The biggest, loudest, craziest, wildest  rave party in north America.

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