Before Too Much is Enough

Playing around outside of the hotel

In the car heading to Beverly Hills

Palm trees :)

Cobbled stone :)

Lol... this guy was very interesting.

This art gallery was one of the best one's I've ever been to. Pop art yeaaa <3

So amazing. Carved from cement.

I would. I had to.

Delicious :)

Infront of the king of pop's home

Bev hills!

...makes me go crazy.


Day Three

Destination – Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Michael Jackson’s House, Playboy Mansion, Babyface’s house, Melrose

   We woke up roughly around 8AM and went downstairs for some breakfast. We reserved a driver from our hotel to bring us to Beverly Hills (specifically Rodeo drive) and Melrose so we could do some shopping. Our driver was from El Salvador and he was a friendly fellow to converse with. He suggested places to visit during our stay in Los Angeles which was very nice of him (he even opened our doors to get in the limousine. Now… that’s the life. Lol). As we approached Rodeo Drive – I think both of our jaws wouldn’t close back up, it kept dropping and just dropping… It was like a shopping heaven. Any upscale brand you could think of, it was probably there. Oh I wish I could’ve gotten myself a pair of pumps from Jimmy Choo – yeah right, maybe when I make some real money when I’m older.

   I was about to purchase a Louis Vuitton purse for my mother though – since I haven’t really gotten anything for her birthday since I had my final exams. But anyway, I was in awe! There were so many palm trees, nice restaurants, fancy stores, and coble stoned streets (I love the atmosphere of that). So we walked around and stopped for some Japanese crepes at Harajuku Crepes. This place is delicious! You can customize your own crepe batters ranging from original, earl grey, buckwheat, green tea, and choose from a variety of fruits and add whip cream and some nutella. I got a green tea batter with strawberry and nutella with whipped cream and it tasted heavenly. We strolled around some more and guess what? We saw a celebrity! Rush Hour 2 and Entourage fans… we got to see Jeremy Piven actually filming at Domenico Vacca.  

     Afterwards we wanted to take the cab to Melrose to do some shopping that we could actually afford and visit the many vintage boutiques (my fave). We hopped into a cab (I cannot stress how expensive cabbing in LA is !@#$) but anyway… this guy wanted to make some extra cash probably and offered to show us Michael Jackson’s house, the Playboy Mansion, and Babyface’s house. I have to admit, it was pretty cool and definitely something to visit while you’re in LA but we had to leave as we saw the pricing meter spiking up! Grr. During the drive, our cab driver did tell us some stories. He mentioned that George Michaels was arrested for homosexual behaviours at the Beverly Park. Pretty random. Anyway, we stopped in Melrose and oh-my-god… MARC JACOBS, ALEXANDER WANG, DVF, BETSEY JOHNSON… so many more to name. I purchased a Marc Jacobs clutch, a Marc Jacobs lipstick pen, a couple rompers from some boutiques, and a lacey-bralette and two nail polishes that I absolutely love (Office and L Esprit) from American Apparel. 

         We walked for blocks and blocks but all we could see was stores and boutiques – there were no restaurants in sight and we were starving. It was quite weird actually. We were starving and finally found a nice restaurant called Taste. It was so beautiful inside and the environment was so warm. It was dark and with candles lit up everywhere. The menu looked delicious. I ordered a Cumin spiced pork chop with white truffle oil and Cajun sauce with the best baked macaroni and cheese I have ever had. was so much flavor to savour in the pork chop and mac n’ cheese!  After dinner, our driver picked us back up down the street and we headed back to the hotel.

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