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Day Five – The City of Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Korea Town

      Just when we thought that we would never see Tammi again…  instead of going to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, we decided to visit Tammi at her shop. When we got to Manhattan Beach we went straight to visit Tammi and to say hello. She insisted on offering to bring us to places to visit and even said it was her own fault for being nosy but we just couldn’t thank her enough for doing all of this for us. Afterwards, we said we would treat her to dinner but she said that she would take us to Korea Town to try the best tofu soup ever (I was thinking… yes! I love Korean food
J). So we went to the beach to tan for roughly three hours (we sort-of-maybe-kind-of fell asleep on the beach). We couldn’t help it! It was extremely relaxing. Headphones on, jamming to some Musiq and just soaking up the sun hoping to not get a sunglasses tan. After tanning, we went to grab some Cold Stone ice-cream. I had heard good reviews on this Creamery in Toronto so I thought that I might as well try it. I got the strawberry and banana ice-cream – it was pretty good but not as good as Marble Slab or frozen yogurt places. After we had some yogurt, we went back to Tammi’s store and helped her steam her clothes, organize and put tags on new earring stock (labour for food? Nah, we just wanted to help out and give the favour back). While heading down to K-town, Vee really wanted to go to Target and see what that was all about so we stopped there. There were so many E.L.F products that I just had to grab myself some new make-up brushes. We ended up in K-town at the 24 hour BCD restaurant. I got the Bulgogi combo (BEST bulgogi I have ever had in my life – no lie) and organic seafood soon tofu soup. During dinner, it was such a coincidence because the people that were sitting at the table beside us were talking about …Canada. So I couldn’t help but interrupt their conversation but ask if they were from Toronto as well. They were friendly people (thank god) and told us that they are actually from Los Angeles but go to Sheridan Tech for Computer Animation which I thought was pretty cool.  They talked about our amount of snow in the winter… and I kindof blushed and looked away loll. Yes I hate the cold weather too. But anyway, after dinner we went back to the hotel and Tammi said that she was going to come pick us up at 9 in the morning so we could visit Santa Monica/Venice Beach area before the Electric Daisy Carnival on Friday.

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