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Just rushed back to Hamilton last night for our CASS (Canadian Asian Student Society) Christmas Potluck after an exhausting two days of planning surprises and celebrating my sister's birthday (December 1st) and my brother's birthday (December 2nd). Last week I went out with some girlfriends for a last get together before we all started to hide away to study for final exams. Last week was the last full week of lecture - to be honest, it felt like such a slow week. But, the gift and card (I LOVE CARDS!) exchanges, baking and all that bonding time with the few girlfriends made it feel less like a dreadful week. I've always wanted to try Earl's ever since they opened in Burlington, Ontario. The atmosphere looked very warm and welcoming, it might've even gave me the impression that the food shouldn't be too bad either. After our night classes, we got ready very quickly and drove to Burlington for our last get together (I can't believe that the first term of second year university is already done). When we finally got to Earl's, I couldn't help but admire everything about the atmosphere, even the food/wine menu looked divine. The food and drinks were enjoyable meaning we will definitely go back for another visit in the future. Can't wait to get these next few weeks over with... I'm extremely excited for the winter holidays this year.

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